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What exactly is Planetary Sound?

What is Planetary Sound Therapy?

You’ve probably heard a bit about sound therapy and its benefits for relaxing the mind,

but what the heck is PLANETARY sound therapy?

Is it magic? Is it voodoo? Is it astrology? No, no and no. It’s science!

So lets go back and catch up with two majorly intelligent beings in history.

Most recently, in 1978, a Swiss mathematician named Hans Custo, found the link between transposing the frequencies of planetary orbits in space, so that we can hear them here on earth. Obviously the human ear is not attuned to hear planetary frequencies as they are, they’re too high, and we would be absolutely loony hearing these frequencies all the time.

So using the formula,

(1:a) x 2 n = f

a = periodic duration in seconds n = octave amount f = frequency

Custo was able to coin the term “the Cosmic Octave” by transposing all the known frequencies of the planets within our galaxy, so that we can experience them here on earth. And these are the frequencies that are experienced in each of the Tibetan Singing Bowls that I use during a session.

So how does this actually help me, you may ask.

Lets look at our second majorly intelligent guy, Paracelcus, a 16th century philosopher accredited with bringing chemistry to medicine, and is considered the father of medical toxicology.

He discovered how to heal many ailments through human relation to nature, bringing about the term, “as above, so below,” creating an analogy for sickness and remedy to the cosmos. For example, Jupiter corresponds to the liver, and Mercury to the lungs. He made this alchemical connection mostly by experimenting with plants, as they also exhibit cosmic counterparts.

So by using the ancient knowledge of Paracelcus and the Cosmic Octave from Hans Custo, we can use planetary frequencies to heal misalignment at the cellular level, thus creating equilibrium for the body and mind. We best experience true identity when we flow in homeostatic balance.

And as a bonus, using these frequencies is truly a blissful, out of body experience, where sometimes, you actually feel as if you are a cosmic being, floating throughout the vastness of space.



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