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The Sunshine Vitamin

As a fat soluble vitamin, Vitamin D is essential for our wellbeing in numerous way.

1-Its produced in your skin in response to sunlight,

aiding in the absorption of calcium and phosphorus

in order to maintain bone and teeth homeostasis.

2- Vitamin D expresses itself on the B cell, T cell, and antigen cells of the immune system,

modulating both innate and adaptive immune responses preventing infection,


-Before antibiotics, Vitamin D was used to treat tuberculosis!!

3- Preventative and healing against and for autoimmune disease  

4- Acts as an antimicrobial against harmful bacteria

5- Aids in curing depression :-)

Actually, many of us in todays world, are Vitamin D deficient.

Deficiency in this key nutrient can be exacerbated due to a few things,

But someof the more prominent factors include, not getting enough sunlight

and melanin production (indoors too much, working too much),

too much fat distribution in the body to obtain adequate amounts of vitamin d (obesity),

And overactive inflammatory responses throughout the body (auto immune disease, chronic IBS, etc)

A lack of Vitamin D in the system can causes serious impairments such as

depleted immunoglobulin response (immune system),

depression, fatigue, and joint pain.

So its extremely important that if you’re in one of these deficient categories,

to be supplementing your diet with vitamin d3 with at least 1500-2000IU daily.

And to say the least, since were all staying at home now, looking after our health,

please consider this supplement if you’re unable to enjoy the sunshine!

Doctors won’t tell you this, since natural care isn’t provided under their propensities (due to medicare, medicaid)and they could be at risk for losing their job due to government infringement for simply providing natural care.

But a good doctor will tell you to take prevention seriously, and vitamin D3 is exactly this,

along with ALL of your fat soluble vitamins, which we’ll be going over in the future!

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