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The Solid Foundation of Sadhana

Life is ever changing. We are in a perpetually evolving existence in which we are able to navigate by way of adaptation and flexibility. However, flexibility is only discerned when rooted in a proper foundation.

My first asana teacher always said before every class, “Feel firm in your foundation, so that you may move freely.” It stuck with me. I wrote it on a post-it stuck to my refrigerator in my college apartment. I looked at it everyday for 4 years. But in the past few months, Ive really only begun to experience what that actually means.

I swore I would never return to Myrtle Beach. I cursed it under my breath as I fled 10,000 miles for the last 4.5 years of my life, living simplistically in the Himalayan hills, with only enough mental capacity to burn the samskaras (karma) of my emotions and work on my self discipline and sadhana (spiritual practice).

However, the universe had other plans. Better Plans. In fact, all of that battling with my ego, emotional turmoil, and learning proper meditation, left me prepared for what is now. That battle, that struggle, that IS the sadhana, that IS the tantra, that IS the foundation.

So now I’ve returned to the place that I so adamantly cursed with a fresh set of eyes. I’ve got my discipline and sadhana to work as my foundation. When everything around me has slipped away, I still have the continuity of the practice. It never leaves me. I have to make the choice everyday to carry it with me throughout all obstacles. So when things fall apart, in all actuality, they fall apart to make way for progression. And progress never happens in a house built upon the sand. Now these eyes can see the roots, the true self, the point of construction and the point of destruction. Whatever is built or destroyed, still remains on the same foundation.

And what is the foundation of spiritual practice? Morality, which creates an equanimous state of mentality. Calm and adaptable in all situations. For this is the knowledge that every situation is an implementation or act of the Supreme, which creates an inner state of gratitude and peace for whatever storm comes your way. Only then is your foundation is built upon solid ground.



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