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What is Planetary Sound Therapy?

Sound Therapy in itself works to promote healing within the mind, body, and spirit through deep relaxation at the cellular level, bridging the subconscious mind to the conscious waking state through THETA-wave stimulation.


By using frequency and vibration as healing tools, we are able to promote a level of equilibrium in both the physical and mental plane. So often, this natural, equanimous state is disrupted by our day to day lives through environment, past experiences, and decision making. Sound therapy is one of many healing tools that aid in unionizing the innerworkings of the mind and body, creating harmony as a whole.


Planetary Sound Healing takes this this equilibrium even farther, by using the frequencies of the planets within our galaxy to create connection to our universal environment.


In 1978, mathematician, Hans Custo, calculated the Cosmic Octave, which allows us to experience the frequency of the planets here on earth. This universal language of the cosmos can then be used through musical composition and instruments, aligning our own physical body experience  with that of the cosmos.


Furthermore, it is known through the 12th century philosopher, Paracelcus, that the planets correlate with bodily counterparts. We then use this knowledge in association with the Cosmic Octave, to directly target physical and psychosomatic disconnection through frequency healing.


Planetary Sound Therapy provides a concise and scientific way to approach energetic healing, all while being deeply relaxing and pleasing. It is my hopes that by continuing to spread the knowledge of this science, that we are able to make medical advances through a holistic approach considering the mind, body and spirit as one.

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