the sound of yin

December 13, 5pm - 6:30pm

Living Yoga and Wellness,

Myrtle Beach

A meditative new moon experience, allowing you to develop the inner landscape of the soul by deeply sinking into the practice. By settling into the flow, we create the essence of surrender, allowing new moon intentions to come forth for Self love and development. 


We set the mood under the gentle guidance of Jordan Lazarus, as she shares the practice of Yin yoga, a place to sink deeper into poses, deeper into ourselves.


In combination with Jordan's deeply rooted asanas, Shelley Krzyzaniak will guide you through restorative Nada Yoga + Sound Bath, by way of Tibetan Singing Bowls. By using the frequencies of planetary bodies within our solar system, this experience facilitates vibrational healing and relaxation at the cellular level.

By intertwining these two modalities of self restoration, we hope to provide space for your journey into loving awareness.  



We will be practicing responsible social distancing, so space is limited.

Please wear comfortable clothing and bring any props you may need, mat, blanket, bolster, strap, blocks, ect.  


images by Swash Design